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I do not know how to buy PTC ads to be able to request my payment
you can help me
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You can purchase PTC ads here:
Direct link:

Kind regards,
Admin Ref4Bux
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good afternoon
Use the direct link that gave me I made a purchase of 3000 credits via paypal to be able to make my payment but I do not appear in the PTC although if I made the discount on my Paypal attached payment sample? I still do not understand how I can request my payment, I would appreciate it advising me, I am not very good at this of the PTCs
Thank you

Pagado con
Saldo PayPal
Enviar a
Nancy Guadalupe Diaz Ramos
sur 17 manzana 46 lote 13
Carlos Hank Gonzalez
los reyes la paz
Estado de Mexico 56500
Id. de transacción
Información del vendedor
Detalles de la compra
Purchase 3000 Credits.$1.00 USD
N.° de artículo 3000
Total$1.00 USD
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On which date did you made the purchase? As far as we can see no purchases has been made. Im unable to find your transaction.

Kind Regards,
Admin Ref4Bux

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